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Summer is HERE … who else wants to do a happy dance?  Ok, if you’re not from Northern Canada than perhaps summer is more of a technical seasonal term; for Northern Canadians however … it’s heaven.  Seriously, heaven.  Summer is meant to be celebrated in ALL it’s glory!  Hallelujah, sista!  Happy + happy + happy dance, again!!!

Ok, not to end my celebration but to move onto EVEN MORE exciting things –> Osophē is about to start its FIRST ever program and the BEST news – it’s free.  Happy dance for that too!  And guess what, you’re invited!  The series begins Monday, June 22nd, 2020 (the first Monday AFTER the start of Summer) and runs for 6 weeks ending Saturday, August 1st, 2020 on NATIONAL GIRLFRIENDS DAY!  **Mark you calendar for that, because I’ve got some amazing surprises in store.

The series, Summer Sweat & Shine, is focused on helping YOU [ SHINE ] from the inside out.  For FULL details, you can do two things:

  1. Follow @osophe on Instagram where you will receive news and updates AND can access the free live IGTV workouts. (*Check out the date and times below on the “Sweat Schedule” of your choosing).
  2. Join the “Summer Sweat & Shine 2020” Facebook Group where you can access ALL content, the live workouts (on Facebook) and have an amazing sisterhood of support surrounding you.

Below is a brief description of each program so you can decided which one excites you most!

  • Sweat FUN –> this program is intended to get you moving AND have a lot of fun too.  You will sweat, challenge your fitness but also explore.  This program leaves room for spontaneity, adventure and constant change.  If you are an outdoor enthusiast – this program is for you!  Plus extra handy if you have kiddos who want to join along.
  • Sweat FRESH –> this program focuses on challenging you but also providing an element of refreshment.  Does sweat AND stillness appeal to you?  How about an energizing hot-cold shower post workout?  If you’re experiencing a season of stress and could use some extra self-care then [ Sweat FRESH ] was designed with you in mind!
  • Sweat FIT –> was created for the fitness-enthusiast at heart.  This program has you moving intentionally 6 days a week, with Sunday reserved for a “Fun” day … meaning, you will move, but in a way that is restorative and fun.  Sweat FIT calls for more focused workouts (than the other programs) but will still emphasize your mind and spirit too!

What are you waiting for??  Have a look through all three and decide which one speaks to you the most!

Let’s get sweaty!




Beth Wall

Beth Wall created Osophē with a very specific purpose – to help provide women tools and resources to help them live their most energetic, vibrant, & uninhibited life. Personally she is a Believer, wife + mama (& coffee enthusiast). Professionally, she is a Kinesiologist, Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, Certified Pre and Postnatal Coach and your biggest cheerleader!


  • Dominique says:

    Hey Beth!

    Can we mix and match the programs? I like the sounds of the Sweat Fun because I will be in BEAUTIFUL Cape Breton for some of the 6 week Summer Sweat. But I also like the Sweat FIT … cuz I like a challenge! The hot-cold shower description of the Sweat Fresh sounded amazing though. So stoked! I love trying new programs now that I’m gonna workout out at home FT!

    • Beth Wall says:

      Hey Dom! Yes girl, of course you can! Mix away – you can blend all three together and have at ‘er!!! The main goal is that you move 30 minutes every day, but more is most definitely allowed + AWESOME!!!

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