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Hey Friend!

Who is your “soul” sister?  Your friend (THE friend), the steadfast, constant, always there for you sister-friend?  Who is your friend that fuels your spirit, calls it to attention and challenges you not just to sit on your potential but pursue every level of your purpose.

Sisters, soul-2-sole sisters, aren’t satisfied with surface, they want deeper, they want the layers and they want more not just for themselves but for the community of women surrounding them.

Who is this person in your life?!  Does she know?

We were never meant to do life alone, and we are not meant to chase our dreams or work towards our goals alone either.

Who are the people that get excited when you tell them about your dreams?  And, who are the people who ask how you’re going to make them happen?

At Osophē, we’re not just a community – we are a sisterhood.  A sisterhood surrounding you with encouragement, tools and resources to help you live your most energetic life.  We want you to live your best life so you can without hesitation pursue every level of your purpose.

“And let us consider how we may spur one another on …”  (Hebrews 10:24)

Beth Wall

Beth Wall created Osophē with a very specific purpose – to help provide women tools and resources to help them live their most energetic, vibrant, & uninhibited life. Personally she is a Believer, wife + mama (& coffee enthusiast). Professionally, she is a Kinesiologist, Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, Certified Pre and Postnatal Coach and your biggest cheerleader!

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